Hylas Chopsticks

EASY TO USE: Chinese traditional standard length( 9 in) and lightweight.Non slip, anti-hot, easy to hold.Perfect for beginner.Ideal for adults or children use in Chinese food, salad, hotpot, Japanese cuisine, sushi, noodle soup,Korean BBQ, Pho etc.

EXQUISITE DESIGN: The upper part with dragon and phoenix carving design, increase the sense of elegant.

HEALTHY: Zomchain chopsticks are made of high-quality, eco-friendly natural wood, no paint, free of wax and handmade polished by China’s traditional process. They are more durable than bamboo chopsticks and more healthy than stainless steel or fiberglass material chopsticks.

HOME & TRAVEL VERSATILITY: Each package comes with 2 pairs chopsticks, 2 pieces holder and 1 cloth bag. You can use it at home, work, camping, hiking or even eating out, you can take them everywhere you go.

GIFT BOX PACKAGING: In traditional culture of China, chopsticks are not only tableware but also a reflect of manners and education. Zomchain supply a particular Specification include

Etiquette for Use of Chopsticks and Morals of Chopsticks as Gifts in the package



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