Selden Mast hosted the owners of Hylas H57 hull 1 at the Pacific Sail & Power Show

With any new development that has been in the works for a number of months there is great excitement as we approach the final stages. Scott Alexander, Sales Manager with Selden Mast, was delighted to have an opportunity to meet the, soon to be, owners of Hylas H57 hull#1. “Semi customizing a yacht is a highly personalized adventure. It’s so important to be there in person for clients that are looking for guidance and assurances. The Selden/Hylas relationship goes back many years and we have always striven to be on hand for consultation with customers.”


At the 2019 Pacific Sail & Power Show. New owners Howard and Ginger with Selden's Scott Alexander.

In recent weeks Bill Dixon, designer of the Hylas H57 and H48, has visited the Queen Long yard to give his blessing on what he is certain will be a Boat of the Year contender for 2020. With the hull and deck complete and cabinetry in it’s finishing stages Selden and Hylas are now speccing the custom rig and firming up on the logistics for stepping the mast. We plan to see the first Hylas H57 on San Francisco Bay this summer and we have every intention of having her available for public viewing at the Pacific Sail & Power Show 2020.

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