News from the Hylas Yard

Where it all begins
The Hylas Yard at Queen Long Marine has been wholly dedicated to the exclusive production of Hylas Yachts for over 40 years. As a family run business Hylas provides a level of personal service that is recognized and valued by Hylas owners around the globe. There is an open invitation to Hylas owners and enthusiasts to visit the yard, experience Taiwanese hospitality at its very best and be on a first name footing with the folks that build your yacht. 

As a service provider that never compromises on quality there is also a commitment to each yacht built. This commitment goes on for the lifetime of the yacht and every Hylas owner regardless of whether they are the original influence client or the yacht is previously owned, can reach out to the factory for guidance and support which is always gladly given. 

Comment from Andy Huang, CEO of Hylas Yachts 
The global pandemic has affected us all in some way and each of us is having to modify our behavior a little. We have been fortunate in Taiwan to be able to keep our production facility open and all the staff are healthy. If there’s one thing we have missed it has been absence of client visits. Of course everyone is being kept up to speed through Zoom, video and photographs but we do miss the personal connection and opportunity to celebrate with our new owners. Hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime here’s some snapshots of what we have in production.

I look forward to catching up with you personally when boat shows return or you are able to visit the factory.

Production update September 2020

Hylas H57 — 2nd Yacht heading for the US is now on sea trial in Kaohsiung Harbor.

The H57 is a Bill Dixon design. Bill has found the perfect balance of performance cruiser, luxurious living and ease of handling. This bluewater yacht brings a new dimension to the “cruising lifestyle” .

Every yacht that leaves the factory has been tested in either the dedicated water tank or when the yachts exceed 55ft they are taken to Kaohsiung Harbor. This allows our technicians, engineers, third party power plant providers (Yanmar/Volvo) to test every system and give their seal of approval. 

Joseph Huang: President
I’m proud to see this boat being developed by the Hylas/Queen Long Marine Team. Lots of hard work have gone into the development of this project. Hylas has come a long way since I first started working in the company alongside my father the founder of Hylas Yachts.

Michael Chien: Production Manager
Michael is managing the sea trial as he proudly did for the last 300 Hylas that he oversaw. He said, “It was a pleasure to be cruising in Kaohsiung Harbor with a brand new Hylas H57.”

Dan: Senior Engineer
Testing the responsiveness of the twin rudder configuration and evaluating wheel resistance. His comment “Very maneuverable and light loads on the helm, she will be easy to manage even when loaded with full sail. The figure 8 turns were beautiful. Enjoying the twin rudders design.”

Hylas H57 Hull 3 — Target delivery into the US November 2021.
A vacuum infused hull with closed cell foam core. The subtray and structural bulkheads are then glassed into the hull before the yacht leaves the mold.

Hylas H48 — Another new model with two currently in build
The H48 is a Bill Dixon design that has interior volume that appears to exceed the dimensions of the yacht.

With every new yacht purchase there is an established communication schedule. This involves monthly webinars that include Project Management, Production and Service hosted by your sales contact.

The completion of rough cabinetry is a great time to visit the yard (Pandemic precautions allowing). You get a real sense of the feel of the yacht and there’s still time to make minor adjustments that put the owners signature on the finished product.

Hylas H48 Hull 2    Carpentry stage complete. Varnish team is moving in next week.

Hylas H48 Hull 3    The transom is joined to the hull and glassed in. When a client chooses to paint their hull we use clear gelcoat as an additional quality control. If there were an imperfection it would be easily identified. The framing for structural bulkheads are being introduced and the engine is now at the factory undergoing initial inspections.

Hylas H46 Hull 76   The lines of this yacht were first drawn by Frers in the mid 80’s. This yacht is often listed amongst the top ten best “small yachts” to circumnavigate the globe.

Hull and deck are joined with structural adhesive and additional lamination is applied throughout. The engine and shaft have been installed and aligned. Deck hardware is currently being installed.

Hylas M44 Hull 9 & 10 are in build    With the same heritage as the “downeast” style yachts that were based on work boat hull designs the M44 has a hull that has been proven in the challenging waters of New Zealand for decades.

Hylas M44 Hull 9    Despite the production delay caused by the engine manufacturer having to deal with COVID-19 difficulties, a pair of 370hp Yanmar engines have arrived. The longitudinal structures are glassed into the hull. The bulkheads and more structures will be installed next. This yacht will be heading for New Zealand in July 2021. 

Hylas M44 Hull 10   Heading to the US in March 2021. The furniture is fabricated in a dedicated workspace close to the yacht. It is important that every measurement is taken from the hull itself and never a “one size fits all”. 

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