Hylas H63 S/V Shaima: Island Hopping Across the Atlantic Via the Viking Route

Follow us as we sail on Shaima´s Viking Route Across the Atlantic starting June 14th, 2019

After 2 years of planning and preparations H63 S/V Shaima will begin her Odyssey: a unique series of ocean passages that follows an untraditional route across the Atlantic. The plan is to “Island hop” across the Atlantic much like cruising the Caribbean islands as opposed to the typical long haul crossing of almost 20 days without seeing land. With this goal in mind, the trip will be broken up into relatively short passages that will be sailed at the height of summer within favorable weather windows. 

In between passages, the captain and crew will explore fantastic off the beaten path destinations such as Newfoundland, Southern Greenland, Iceland, Faroe and Scotland. New paradigms will be set in the sense that the  ocean passages, while reaching more challenging destinations, will strive to be as safe and comfortable as the traditional passage across the Atlantic. Moreover, Shaima’s Odyssey will be sailed on a seaworthy and modern bluewater sailboat, the Hylas H63, and not with a specialized expedition boat that requires a higher budget while compromising comfort. And finally, Shaima’s Odyssey will include very active and intensive inland tours that maximize the immersion in the history and the culture of the destination visited.

Shaima will start its first passage of the West to East Viking Route Atlantic Crossing in June of 2019 with an  anticipated finish in late October arriving at Valencia Spain. The crew and her captain will logg some 7000 miles in the process while following the footsteps of the early Viking explorers, the first Europeans to set foot in America.

LEG 1: 2000 miles of coastal navigation up the NE corner of the American Continent to Newfoundland, arriving end of June.

LEG 2: starts early July and is the most challenging sailing of all! 2000 miles from St. John´s, Newfoundland to Reykjavik, Iceland, with a week stopover for cruising SW Greenland including the traverse of Prince Christian Sound.  Shaima and its expert crew will have to deal with icebergs, sea ice and polar bears!

LEG 3: 1000 miles of Iceland circumnavigation and Faroe Islands exploration. Shaima will be in the heart of Viking lands during the last week of July and most of August, exploring the coast and the amazing inland scenery of these countries.

LEG 4: Celtic lands cruise consisting of 900 miles of sailing during the end of August and 1st week of September.  Shaima will explore the Scottish Islands via the Caledonian Canal, then the Scottish Isles, and finally Ireland via the Irish Sea.

LEG 5: 1700 miles across the challenging Gulf of Viscay and around the Ibearian peninsula during the months of September and October. Shaima will cruise the Galician Rias, the historic cities of Port, Lisbon, Villamoura, Cadiz and Malaga arriving in Valencia at the end of October, where it will spend the winter in preparation for its Med Odyssey 2020!

Please check back with us for future updates along the way! 


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