Hylas H57 Production Update

This new design is still on track to see the first two hulls arriving in the US in early 2019. Many of you will have seen the time lapse video of the “plug build”. The plug is the form around which we are able to create the mold that will then be used to shape the hull. With the hull mold now very close to completion, the keel plug complete and the final touches being given to the deck plug we expect to be laying up the first hull in the next few days. As we continue to adopt new technology and building practices we will be using a vacuum infusion process to form these cored hulls. This process is relatively new to the Queen Long yard but with 2 H60 hulls having already been produced with great success there is little doubt the H57 will achieve the quality standards we demand.

The hull mold is very close to completion ready for the first hull form.
The new design shoal draft keel plug —Looks fast and functional!
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