The New Hylas 60 Debuted in Miami

Our friends at Hylas Yachts have been teasing us and the Hylas family with the drawings and renderings of the new German Frers-designed Hylas 60 for many months. On paper it looked stunning and represents a new direction for the long-time Hylas builder Queen Long.

So, it was with a bit of glee that I got to see the new 60 in the flesh last weekend at the Miami boat show. Even though it was stern to the floating docks with a display float on one side and another sailboat on the other, you could see right away that the 60 is something different, something that will turn a lot of heads.

With a broad transom, and a dinghy garage inside, sweeping sheer lines and a very low-profile cabin top, the boat is stylishly modern yet instantly a classic. Company president Peggy Huang was there and beaming from ear to ear at the great response the public and the press have expressed on first seeing the 60. Read more

Author: Sandy Parks


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